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I want to give you huge compliments on your oil. I have had sleep problems for years and was using an over the counter med from the states, Tylenol PM. Recent studies showed a link between daily use of this drug and increased non-reversible risk of dementia, so I stopped immediately. A few months back my husband convinced me to try your oil, which I did. I used 12 drops per day and slept like a baby. Woke up feeling rested and was able to fall back into deep sleep after getting up to pee during the night.

I just wanted to say thanks for producing this product for people like me. I did not want the THC effect so this is a super product for a "mature" woman like me!

 Linda Burton

I use the salve for my tattoos.
It's a great product that works instantly and the skin feels refreshed.
I'd recommend this product for people that want to heal and hydrate their tattoos in a natural way.

Gökhan Uçakli

Great products, first class. Great people that work with all of their energy for their products.

Cwainy Sebregts

I am very satisfied with this product! I have been using it for a couple of weeks now for my psoriasis on places where it's worst, and on the calluses on my feet. I'm already noticing the benefits!

Sabine Otten

Fantastic product, had eczema on and around my eyes, which is now gone.

Marieke Van Het Strand

I notice the improvement you have made to the salve. It's better than the old salve. It spreads more easily and has a nice smell.

Gökhan Uçakli

I just wanted to say that this is a great product.
I am a C.O.P.D. patient and was put on oxygen and had a lot of trouble with showering, getting dressed, working around the house etc.
But now I'm using this CBD oil and I feel a lot better.
Now I'm no longer on oxygen and can do everything myself again.
It's a wonder product!

Gr Annemie


I want to let you know that I see improvement in the health of my bouvier Tess. She moves around more and is more alert. This morning she walked out of the street for the first time in months. Thanks to the CBD oil and you guys. So happy!


I've been using the salve for 6 weeks now for my psoriasis, and I'm happier for it.
The flaking was as good as gone after 3 weeks, and the spots themselves are slowly getting thinner.
The service is good as well. Except for once I got my order within 3 days. The one time they were late I got a little something extra.
Some other brands of CBD salve have a strong smell, but this one thankfully doesn't. It's also easy to use.

Jos Botterblom

Everyone that suffers from dry skin should try this salve. I use it at night before I go to bed and I've noticed that my skin feels smoother than before. The salve quickly gets absorbed into the skin and therefore doesn't feel sticky.


My daughter had ringworm on the inside of the elbow. The ointment we had for fungus didn't work. A couple of hours after applying the CBD salve my daughter could tell the itch was getting less severe, and the skin began to become white again. After a week of applying the salve the ringworm was completely gone. A super product!!


I've got braindamage because of a cerebral hemorrhage, aneurysm and 2 cerebral infarcts
I've been using the CBD oil for a few days now, and the difference is already clearly visible. I feel more peaceful in body and mind. I wish I had started taking this so much sooner!
So people with brain injuries, I now know through experience that it really works.

I finally have some rest in my head and a good night's rest after 5 years, because my rhythm came back.

I've tried different oils, but they gave me a terrible headache.
I notice the difference and it works really well.. I've also stopped my anti-depressants, because this works better for me!

Francien van Rooijen