DEA keeps marijuana extract illegal

A liquid form of cannabidiol oil (CBD) will remain illegal. The Drug Enforcement Administration(DEA) has classified the popular supplement sold in many stores as a schedule 1 drug, in the same category as heroin as of January 13. An Asheville pharmacists say they have seen many uses for the oil.

“Anywhere where there is an inflammatory component, any pain or nerve issue, you see a lot of benefit in the CBD oil,” said Dr. Adam Ripley, owner of Ripley Drug and Compounding. Inside the compounding pharmacy are shelves full of CBD oil.

“Industrial hemp CBD has very low to no THC, what the DEA is claiming and trying to schedule it on has come from a cannabis plant and a cannabis species. They are kind of taking it up a ladder trying to reclassify the whole thing,” Ripley said.

“Schedule 1 drugs are drugs that have a high potential for abuse and high potential for addiction. This does not fit anywhere in that category,” said Dr. Mike Rodgers, owner of Nature‚Äôs Vitamins & Herbs.

Pharmacists believe the reclassification will limit patients’ options.

Hemp advocates believe the DEA overreached and does not have the authority to reclassify the oil.